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Befriending Fear (aka "A Fearless Conversation about Fear")

Held at Roots & Wings Yoga and Healing Arts (Natick, MA)
Roots Studio (downstairs)

Where are you feeling stuck in your life?

Maybe there's something about a relationship, or your job, that isn't working. Maybe you have habits that you can't seem to change, projects you can't seem to start, or problems that you can't seem to solve. Maybe you spend a lot of time avoiding things that you know would be good for you, or criticizing people (yourself included!) for the situation you find yourself in.

Welcome to the world of fear!

It varies in degree from moment to moment, but fear is always there, on the lookout for potential threats to our safety and well-being. We may think of fear as a "negative" emotion, but it is a key part of how we navigate and stay alive.

In this workshop we will explore ways to listen to, engage with, and learn from fear so that it doesn't control us, and techniques to generate courage and empowerment in the face of uncertainty. Bring your own life wisdom to add to this interactive, engaging discussion.

Men and women, teens and adults, are all welcome.  Please contact me to RSVP.

There is no set fee; just pay what feels good to you. The most important thing you can offer is your presence!

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