Workshops & Events

I would love to help you create more happiness for yourself and the people around you, both at work and at home. Click the button to schedule an introductory phone call to discuss your specific situation.

For Organizations

Talks, Presentations & Workshops

  • Why Happiness Matters
  • Happiness Boosters for You and Your Staff
  • Happiness through Hardship
  • Listening Across Differences
  • Navigating Emotions at Work (Yours and Others’)
  • Commitment & Self-Accountability

Teambuilding Activities

  • Give & Receive Exchanges
  • Speed Meeting Events
  • Team Happiness Challenges
  • Group Scavenger Hunts

Consulting & Advising

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Team Dynamics
  • Organizational Culture

For Individuals

These services can be offered in person in Natick, MA or over the phone.

Quick Clarity SessionS

Sometimes you just need a sounding board! Someone who will listen well, ask good questions, offer new perspectives, and ultimately reflect your own wisdom back to you. Clarity sessions are great for:

  • Making decisions
  • Processing setbacks
  • Navigating acute relationship conflicts
  • Preparing for important events or conversations

$20 per 20 min. Payment is due at time of scheduling. Appointments typically available within 48 hours. More info here.

perspective-shifting Conversations

When a situation is complex or ongoing, there are often many different pieces to tease out. We won't get everything figured out in an hour, but I'll help you take an honest look at the big picture, tune into what you really want, and decide how to move things forward in a positive direction. These conversations are great for addressing:

  • Relationship dynamics (with anyone, not just spouses & partners)
  • Family/group dynamics
  • Personal happiness and fulfillment
  • Important decisions and life changes

$75 includes pre-work, 1-hour conversation, and 2 follow up emails.

personal planning & accountability

Once you know where you want to go, how do you actually get there? Together we will map out a realistic one-month plan to make meaningful progress toward your goal, with structures in place that set you up for success. We'll clarify the kind of support and encouragement you're looking for, then set up a system of regular check-ins that will help you stick to your plan and keep the momentum going, even when it gets tough.

Price varies according to complexity.

For Families & Communities

events & activities

Bring a group of friends or neighbors together to experience joyful, meaningful connection. I can facilitate your event myself, or simply help you prepare.

  • Get-to-know-you-better events
  • Kindness & card-writing parties
  • Give & receive exchanges
  • Happiness scavenger hunts


  • Design your family mission statement
  • Create the community you want
  • Brainstorm/problem-solve a specific issue

workshops & presentations

  • Why Happiness Matters
  • Happiness in Community
  • Everyday Happiness
  • Happiness through Hardship
  • Navigating Emotions (Yours and Others’)
  • Listening Beyond Disagreement