Anne Lafleur, MSW, is a consultant and facilitator with a passion for helping people build and strengthen relationships at home, at work, and in communities. She has a Bachelor's degree in psychology and religious studies from Brown University, a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Boston College, and over a decade of experience working in Human Resources at MIT.

Anne specializes in helping people create joy and connection in everyday life with small acts of authentic kindness. For the past five years she has led workshops on authentic generosity, spacious listening, happiness & emotional literacy, the dynamics of giving & receiving, and more.

Anne writes a weekly blog that revolves around themes of happiness, connection, and navigating the daily ups and downs of life and relationships. She can also occasionally be found offering free hugs, smiles, and listening in parks and other public places.

Significant influences include Brian Johnson, Karla McLaren, the Urban Confessional free listening movement, Abraham-HicksA Course in MiraclesLifeResults and Insight seminars, hospice volunteering, and countless conversations with people about life, love and happiness.

She lives in Natick, MA with her husband and two school-aged children, who provide both loving support and endless opportunities for learning and growth.

This interview with the Mighty Married Moms explains a bit more of her journey, and the early origins and philosophy of The Gift of Happiness.