Be part of the movement to plant these messages in all 50 U.S. states!

Click here for a 6-minute video explaining the vision. You can participate by buying and planting signs yourself, helping fund signs for others, requesting a subsidized sign, and/or simply spreading the word.

Available Messages:

  • You are Loved (red)

  • You are Needed (orange)

  • You Belong (green)

  • You are Worthy (blue)

  • You Deserve Happiness (purple)

Signs measure 24” x 18”, are made of 4mm waterproof corrugated plastic, and come with a metal H-stake. Order below to have yours shipped to you, or for free local pickup in Natick, MA. There is also a link to request a sign if money is tight, or to fund additional signs for others.

Thank you for being a leader in creating the change you want to see!

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Pay-it-forward Option

Want to sponsor a Sign of Kindness for someone else who can’t afford it? Use the button below to pay, and I will match you with someone who will be grateful for your generosity. (If you have a specific person or place in mind, please indicate that in the box.)

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Request a Sign

If you would like a Sign of Kindness for yourself or your organization but aren’t in a position to pay, please complete the form below. Once funds have been identified, you’ll only be responsible for shipping costs (or to arrange a time for local pick up in Natick, MA).

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