What am I selling?

Another true confession: I would like to make money through the Gift of Happiness. Which means I actually have to sell something.

Something, as in, a product. And sell, as in, actively tell people about it, rather than hoping they will just come to me.

This has felt daunting to me because I have a lot of baggage around the word "sell." It brings up fears of being lied to and manipulated and left with regret -- and that is not the kind of selling I want to do.

In order to not inadvertently manipulate people, it's really important to know what I am selling and why. So I've been thinking about that a lot this week.

What I determined is that the essence of what I am selling is really a set of three core beliefs:

  1. Your happiness matters.
  2. You can access happiness by giving and receiving love. 
  3. You can give and receive love in any situation, with any person, in a way that feels good.

Number three can be hard to put into practice, though, which is where my actual products and services come in. I want people to get better at giving and receiving love, and my newsletters, message cards, workshops, and conversations are ways that I try to help.

Ultimately, it is a selfish enterprise. I want you to care about love and happiness because I care about it; because I like thinking about it, talking about it, and practicing it with people; and because I believe your happiness will make my world a better place.

If you want to pay for some of my products and services along the way, all the better.