Embracing the weird

I am feeling so rejuvenated this week, after listening to a series of teachings from Abraham-Hicks.

At first I hesitated to share that with you, because the way these teachings are presented is bizarre, and I didn't want anyone to judge me for liking it.

But then I realized it's not the judgments of people "out there" who scare me so much as the voice inside me that likes to judge me. 

You shouldn't listen to such strange stuff, says the voice. It's not rational. Don't people who speak as if they are someone else -- or a group of someone elses -- get put in psych wards? Do you really want to be associated with that?

The answer is yes, I do.

Because it helps me. When I listen to these teachings, I get in touch with who I am and what matters to me. I feel empowered to live more courageously and creatively, and take whatever next steps there are to take in my life.  

Honestly, I'd much rather get help from someone weird than try to muddle through life all on my own. 

What about you? Do you listen to any weird stuff that inspires you? How does it help?