There are many right answers

The downside to taking the summer off from blog posts is that, starting up again, I am faced with a huge backlog of interesting moments and insights that I never got to share.

What do I write about? What do I say? The pressure to come up with the right choice has been making me anxious. 

The right choice. As if there is such a thing.

How can we ever know if our choices are the "right" choices? Or even good choices?

Even with 20/20 hindsight, we can't be sure, because what happens next is always unknown. The story is ever unfolding.

In school, our kids learn that there is such a thing as a perfect 100% test score, and that there is a specific set of right answers that will earn them that grade.

But real life is not an exam. And there is no teacher -- or parent, or spouse, or even "expert" -- out there with the authority to grade your life. That is the beautiful thing about it being yours.

If there really were no rules and no "shoulds," what would you do? What would you do right now

You get to make up any answer you want.

I hope you had a wonderful summer. I'm glad to be back.