Don't give me research; give me hope

As I do more work with businesses, helping bring more kindness and connection into the workplace, a number of people have suggested that I should put together an information sheet with research that would convince leaders that positive work environments lead to more business success.

It's a reasonable suggestion, and so a few weeks ago I decided I would work on it.... Only I found that I couldn't muster the energy to do it. 

Upon reflection, I realized why, and recorded this 5-minute video about it. Basically, I had no interest in proving why workplace culture matters, because I don't actually think that's in question. I think we already know that it leads to better outcomes to be surrounded by gratitude, generosity and goodwill than resentment, cynicism and blame.

What we doubt is that it's actually possible

"Sure, that company has a great culture," we might say, "but it would never work here." Or we think it would be way too costly an investment, or require a rare and special kind of leader. It's all too easy to make those kinds of claims, come up with evidence to support them -- and then not even try.

That is a shame, because positive change is entirely possible, and can be led by the simplest of interventions.

The hardest part may simply be to recognize that that's the case.

What do you think? Does that ring true for you? What is the culture like in your business or organization? If it's not yet fully where you would like it to be, what do you think it would take to improve it?

I’d love to read your comments below, or contact me if you’d like to talk in more depth. I am willing to be stumped, but it is my firm belief that there is always something you can do to make a positive difference, if you want to.