It's time to own it

Earlier this month, I had an important and somewhat startling new realization: I'm actually enjoying being an entrepreneur.

I like being committed to something I care about.

I like learning that there are things I can provide that people would be happy to spend money on.

I like that it's totally up to me to decide what's important, what I'm going to try next, and what I'm going to say "no" to.

I like noticing the natural cycle of ups and downs, and not making it mean that something is wrong.

I like what it feels like to keep going.

Tomorrow, I will be heading to a day-long retreat for "creative visionaries," where I'll be working on an implementation guide for leaders who want to build intentional acts of kindness into their business operations. I'm both nervous and excited -- which I think means I'm on the right track. 

What is coming up for you that you are nervous/excited about? What new identity are you ready to step into? Share below so I and others can cheer you on!