Shower wisdom

I absolutely love my morning shower: the comforting ritual, the relaxing warmth, and the way my mind is free to wander to new ideas and insights.

This morning, what came to me was this bit of wisdom: "If you were meant to live someone else's life, you would have been born someone else."

Prior to the shower, I was in quite a funk, focusing on all sorts of life circumstances I wished were different, feeling resentful, discouraged, and afraid. So the words were just perfect.

I love the idea that, whatever struggles I happen to be facing, they are my struggles. My experiences to live through. My challenges to learn from.

They are part of the richness of my life, just as much as the joys and triumphs. And I am the one who gets to choose what they mean, and how to handle them. 

It's so easy to look outside of myself for clues as to how life is "supposed" to look and feel, but it's not very helpful. Look to others for inspiration? Sure. But it's my life to figure out.

There is so much power and freedom in that realization.

I love that I don't have to figure it out all at once. And that whatever I do figure out can change. And that what you and I figure out for ourselves can look very different and still be perfect.

What is something you've realized for yourself recently? When and how did you realize it? Do you get good insights in the shower too?