A call for kindness

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday from a teacher at a school where a student recently committed suicide. He wanted to know: What could he and others do to help the community?

My thoughts immediately went to my Signs of Kindness, and how awesome it would be for this community to surround its kids (and adults!) with those words: You are Loved, You are Needed, You Belong, You are Worthy, You Deserve Happiness.

I would love to send him a big order of signs that he and his fellow teachers could plant. And maybe some connection cards, too.

Is this something you'd like to help fund? Or is there some other person or place that you would like to gift with messages of love, welcome and encouragement? If so, you can!

There is a "pay it forward" option here that allows you to buy a single sign, or set of signs, for someone else.

Since August of this year, eight people have already helped pay for seven sign deliveries in six different states. Let's see how high those numbers can go!