How does it feel to be recognized? Supported? Encouraged? Loved?

With Gift of Happiness connection cards, you can have -- and give -- that gift at any time. 

* Express your gratitude
* Offer comfort
* Encourage greatness
* Create instant connection

* Carry them with you
* Post them as reminders
* Set daily intentions
* Notice what you need

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There are over 100 different messages to choose from. Choose a curated collection that suits your needs, or mix-and-match to create your own.

Cards are 3.5" x 2" (standard business card size). Designs and colors vary. Some have a small Gift of Happiness logo on the back.

Special requests

If you are in the MetroWest Boston area and want to pick up your message cards in person, please email me directly to place your order. This will save you shipping fees. :)


Different message cards lend themselves to different situations. Choose the themes that align best with what you need and/or want to give: 

For times of overwhelm, "stuckness," or simply being at a crossroads
Messages include: Breathe - Listen - It is okay not to know - What do you want?

For times of pain, loss, and disappointment
Messages include: You are loved - You can do this - You are not alone

For times of shame, embarrassment, or feeling "not enough"
Messages include: You are enough - You deserve happiness - It is okay to be human - You don't have to be perfect to be lovable

For times of ambition, either to overcome challenges or pursue new goals
Messages include: You can do it - You have what it takes - Just keep going - What you do matters

For anyone, any time
Messages include: You are awesome - You are appreciated - You rock

For times of celebration and accomplishment
Messages include: You are amazing - You are awesome - You did it!

Anytime reminders, just because
Messages include: You are loved - You are wonderful - Thank you for being you

For times of procrastination, avoidance and anxiety
Messages include: Action defeats fear - Just get started - What are you waiting for?

Be prepared! This set contains a little of everything.
Messages include: You are appreciated - You can do this - You are awesome - Breathe

I am happy to customize a set of message cards just for you and your unique situation. Just email me the specific cards you want from this list of all available messages or I can make recommendations.

Want a message or style that I don't currently carry? Contact me with your suggestion and I may add it to my inventory. Or you can design and print your own cards. (I've worked with Mike Marschke at Allegra Print & Imaging from the beginning, and he's been fabulous.)