Changes for the new year

The New Year doesn't always bring with it clarity and excitement and resolve. But for me, this year, it did. And it feels wonderful.

I've got a daily yoga practice re-started, am beginning a 6-week fitness program next Monday, and have started de-cluttering my house. All important and long overdue activities.

I also had two big breakthroughs around work that I want to share with you.

The first is around my connection cards. Last week, I shared that I've removed all pricing for the cards, and am now operating on a "pay what feels right" basis. I'm also accepting donations from people who don't want cards themselves, and card requests for people who can't easily pay for them. This makes the whole process a free-flowing give and receive.

This past week, I've sent cards to a psychotherapist for her clients, a cafeteria manager for her customers, a mom homeschooling her kids, and a friend supporting a friend through chemo. It's felt magnificent. If you want in on this too, simply fill out a card request here.

The other breakthrough I had was the realization that I want a job related to customer satisfaction and retention. A part-time one, ideally with a service-based business that wants help building strong relationships with customers and finding new ways to make them smile.

Hereā€™s a 6-minute video I recently recorded that explains both of these insights.

Do you have any leads or advice for me? Companies I should look into, people I should meet, or things I should do to help me find what I'm looking for? If so, please share!

I'd also love to hear what kinds of breakthroughs you've had recently. Is there something I, or someone else in the Gift of Happiness community, might be able to help with? Comment below, or in the Gift of Happiness Facebook group.