Sponsored by moments of joy

I've been enjoying Preston Pugmire's Next Level Life podcast for creative entrepreneurs.

One of the fun things he does each week is name a "sponsor" for the episode. But the sponsors aren't companies; they are experiences. Like the feeling you get when you're cutting wrapping paper and the scissors start to glide, or when you have a kernel of popcorn stuck in your teeth and you finally get it out, or the sound that it makes when you connect perfectly with a high five.*

This part of the podcast always makes me smile, and it's a great reminder that happiness isn't very complicated. It's not some far-off permanent state we need to strive to attain; rather, it lives in each small moment that we let ourselves experience and enjoy.

Moments of happiness can be fleeting, but there are always new moments available.

If you were to suggest an experience to "sponsor" one of these podcast episodes, what would it be? How many moments can you recognize today that would make good candidates? I'd love to hear.

*Did you know that the trick to a good high five is looking at the other person's elbow when you go to connect? I just learned this a few weeks ago and it blew my mind. If you've never done it, support the podcast sponsor and give it a try!