What is alive for you?

Earlier I thought I was going to write about the name calling and vitriol being traded back and forth related to confederate monuments in the U.S. The lack of listening and dialogue makes me sad, and there are so many things I would like to see instead.

But here I am, sitting down to write, realizing that my earlier topic is not really "alive" for me at the moment.

What is alive for me right now? What am I aware of? What do I have to say?

In the moment, I'm feeling grateful for things. Grateful that I can hear an outdoor movie playing on the town common near my house -- and also grateful that I can go to YouTube to flip on some white noise to block it out so I can concentrate. Grateful for some conflict I've been having in my family, which I think is going to lead to positive changes. Grateful for the cantaloupe I'm eating, that I thought was past its prime but turned out to be perfectly ripe and delicious. Grateful to have an inkling of where this blog post may be going, and feeling good about it.

For several months now, I've been hosting community conversations that give people an opportunity to reflect on that question of what's alive for them, and share about those things with each other. We don't try to solve anyone's problems or come to any consensus; just provide space to hear ourselves think, and see what shows up.

It's a form of mindfulness practice, really.  It's an opportunity to notice how many thoughts and feelings we have in each moment, and how easily they can shift and change. It's also an opportunity to notice how other people affect us, and what it takes to stay present to ourselves even in the face of discomfort.

Each time the conversation is different, depending on who shows up and what's happening for them, but I always come away with something valuable.

I just scheduled four more of these conversations for the fall through my Alive & Connected Meetup group, and would love for you to come if you're in the area. I can also facilitate private sessions, either 1:1 or with a group of your choice.

In the meantime, why not take a deep breath and notice what's alive for you right now?

I'd love to hear.