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The Happiness Toolkit

Pittsford Community Library, 24 State St., Pittsford, NY
This program is free and open to the public.

There is a growing body of scientific research about how we can cultivate happiness and why it is important. 

"But I can't be happy ALL the time," you might think. "What about when bad things happen? Am I just supposed to smile and pretend everything is fine?" We may want to be happy, but we also want to live in the real world, and sometimes the two just don't seem compatible.

Fortunately, the experience of happiness doesn't require getting rid of unhappiness. But it does require action.  And it must be continually created and recreated as situations change.

In this workshop, you will learn 10 simple practices for inviting happiness into different situations. Not only will you likely leave the workshop feeling happier, but you will have new tools for creating happiness again, any time you want.


Earlier Event: June 13
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