Is all diversity equally wonderful?

I recently read this interview with Ali Rizvi in The Sun magazine about his experience as an atheist Muslim trying to reform Islam so that (among other things) he does not have to risk his life to maintain his beliefs.

One thing that powerfully stood out to me was the theme of Muslim reformers like Rizvi being accused by Western liberals of being "Islamophobic" -- prejudiced against Muslims -- when they speak out against Islamic violence and fundamentalism.

This got me thinking about the whole social movement to honor and celebrate diversity, religious and otherwise, that I consider myself part of.

It's an interesting side effect of our desire to honor diversity that we can, without thinking, assume that diversity is more important than other human values, like respect and freedom.

Diversity is important to me because it leads me to new knowledge and insights, helps me make better decisions, and allows me to do things that I couldn't do on my own. But the article was a reminder to me that promoting diversity for diversity's sake is stupid.

Honestly, some kinds of diversity I like more than others, and I think it's important to be able to say so, as well as for my left-leaning, diversity-valuing mind to admit it.

(Just one of many possible examples: Donald Trump is bringing a certain kind of "diversity" into the slate of U.S. Presidents, but there are a lot of other unique qualities I would prefer.)

My liking or disliking different kinds of diversity doesn't threaten diversity itself -- diversity simply IS, regardless -- but being clear about my preferences is very important for guiding my life and choices.

If am going to bring a certain diversity to this world no matter what (which some people will like and some people won't), I might as well embody the particular kind of diversity that feels best to me. Not only will it make me happier, but it's the best way I know to contribute to the greater good.

I hope you will choose do the same.