How fast can we change?

This week I've been participating in a 4-day "mindset challenge" with Preston Pugmire, as part of his Next Level Life Community on Facebook.

We've only just finished day 3, but it's already been valuable to me.

The activities have involved sitting in silence for 5 minutes a day, reflecting on a question, and sharing answers in the group. It's helped me take a fresh look at my life, clarify my priorities, and shift my mindset so that I'm primed to take action on things that matter to me.

It is simple, yet effective. And I love that it's only 4 days.

As someone who is used to longer challenges (typically 2-4 weeks), I am intrigued by the idea that something short can be just as powerful.

Preston didn't waste a lot of time easing us in or helping us get comfortable. Instead, he had us dive right in on Day 1 and record a Facebook Live video in the group. He didn't coddle our fears about it, just expected us to do it, whether we were scared or not. And nearly everyone did.

Action came first, and confidence and clarity followed.

This makes me think of all the time I've spent planning and preparing to do things that I think would be good for my life, but that feel scary. Is all of that time really necessary? What if I just took a deep breath and dove in?

I'm enjoying the possibility that maybe habits don't have to take 21 or more days to change. Maybe they just take a willingness to decide that now is the time.