Happiness Challenge starting soon

When I worked in Human Resources at MIT, one of my favorite things to do was lead 1-hour "mini classes" for my colleagues. I'd pick a specific feature of Word or Excel, learn everything I could about how to use it efficiently and effectively, and then walk them through what I'd learned as it might apply to their particular jobs.

I was really proud of those classes because they honored people's time. I didn't bombard them with a ton of content that would quickly be forgotten. Rather, I gave them bite-sized chunks that could be quickly absorbed and applied, and have an immediate impact.

These days I teach happiness skills rather than software skills, but still use the same approach. I don't want to saturate people with a lot of information they may never use. I want what I offer to make a real difference in their lives.

This is a big reason why I am such a fan of challenges, and why I'm super excited to be hosting my first 10-Day Happiness Challenge in just over a week.

For just $10, you get two weeks of daily activities designed to increase your sense of joy, connection and fulfillment, and a great online community of people all practicing the same thing. Then, when you finish all of the activities, there's a free workshop to help you design next steps that will be both practical and meaningful to you.

I also have a 6-week Happiness in Action course coming up in May, for any of you who live in the Boston/MetroWest area and have Tuesday mornings free. The basic goal is similar, but meeting in person allows for much richer conversation. I am really looking forward to that one, too.

I hope you and your friends will join me for one or both!