The Shopping Mall Challenge

Everyone knows that going to the mall after Christmas is a recipe for pain and frustration, right?


Or at least, it doesn’t have to be. Instead of going to the mall this week to get something, I challenge you to go with the intention to give.

INSTRUCTIONS: Go to a mall, set a timer, and see how many of these activities you can complete in an hour:

  1. Enter a store (or section of a store) you’ve never been in before, and notice something you like about it.
  2. Give someone an authentic compliment.
  3. Give an authentic smile to someone you don’t know (and didn’t smile at you first).
  4. Put some quarters in an envelope that says, “If you’re reading this, this is for you” and tape it to a gumball machine or kiddie ride or massage chair.
  5. Let someone else go ahead of you.
  6. Thank a clerk for working today.
  7. Put back a mis-shelved or fallen item.
  8. Pick up litter and put it in a trash can.
  9. Offer a small gift, like a balloon or sticker, to a child (get permission from their parent first)
  10. Leave a note on someone’s car with the intent of making them feel good.
  11. BONUS: If you see other opportunities to offer kindness, by all means, do them!

I highly recommend inviting a friend of family member along, as you can be a source of courage and encouragement for each other.

If you don’t have a mall nearby, a grocery store or big box store would work perfectly well too.

When you are done, I would love to hear what it was like. How many items did you check off the list in an hour? What was the easiest? What was the hardest? Post your comments below, or send me an email.