An antidote for gift-giving anxiety

Today I prepared a big order of Giving Kits at the request of someone who wanted me to anonymously send them out to a list of their friends. (My apologies for the plural pronoun there, all you grammar people. Just trying to keep it as anonymous as possible.)

I was delighted to receive and fulfill this request, as I am especially fond of the Giving Kit concept. But I also know the idea is weird enough that not everyone who receives one of these packages is going to like it or know what to do with it.

Have you ever worried about how someone will a receive a gift from you? Maybe they won't like it, and you'll feel bad for getting it wrong, or you'll resent them for not appreciating the amount of thought/money/time that you put into it?

Those scenarios can quickly turn giving from a joyful experience into an unpleasant one. But they don't have to. 

The trick is focus on why you're giving them a gift in the first place. What do you really want for them? How do you want them to feel? Special? Loved? Appreciated? Excited? Truly, it's the thought that counts, and taking the time to pay attention to your thoughts can make a huge difference for how your gift-giving feels.

As I was assembling the Giving Kits today, I found myself saying a little blessing for each one, which soothed any anxiety I was feeling about people's possible responses. Whoever receives this one, may they be delighted by it. Whoever receives that one, may they feel loved. May this one be inspired. May that one be comforted.

That extra intention may not make any difference to the people receiving these kits, but it certainly mattered to me, because no matter what people do (or don't do) with their kits, I know that they were sent with love. And ultimately, that's the best thing a gift-giver can offer.