My New Year's Resolution

One thing I realized last year is how much joy it brings me to put my ideas in writing and share them. So I am hopping on the New Year's resolution bandwagon and making a commitment to write and publish one new blog post a day for the entire month of January. 

I expect this will be pretty uncomfortable for the perfectionist in me who wants everything I write to be brilliant and original and inspiring and impressive, and won't have time to edit and re-edit these posts. That perfectionist is just going to have to get over herself, though. Sometimes happiness requires discomfort. 

I would much rather take imperfect action and feel proud of myself than avoid action and know, deep down, that I am squandering precious time. As Marianne Williamson said, my playing small serves no one. 

I want you to play big, too, because I think it will make you happy. And your happiness is contagious.

What can you do that would make you feel proud of yourself? Why not start now?