What if my role is already taken?

If I had to summarize the goal of the Gift of Happiness, it would be this:  I want to help people love each other better.  

I believe that giving and receiving love is central to happiness, and so whether I'm having a conversation, teaching a class, offering a card, or writing a newsletter, I aspire for that to be my motivation.

But I was feeling discouraged about this recently, thinking about all the other amazing teachers, speakers, bloggers, life coaches, spiritual leaders, and others who have the same basic mission -- and, in my opinion, are doing it so much better. 

Does the world really need yet one more person out there talking about love and happiness? asked my grumpy internal voice. What could you possibly offer that someone else isn't already doing? 

Silly grumpy voice.

As if I'm only valuable if what I'm offering is totally original, in a category all its own. As if there is a finite supply of suffering to be alleviated. As if these other amazing people and I are competitors, rather than teammates working toward a common goal.

Sure, there's nothing unique, new or special about wanting people to love each other better, but so what? Does that make it an unworthy goal?

Furthermore, who says my version of love isn't unique? Love may be universal, but it shines through each person in a different way. What if there are people out there for whom my version is perfect? How will I ever know if I'm not out there sharing it?

The same is true for you, too, of course.

Just because other people are doing the kinds of things you want to do -- and doing them well -- doesn't let you off the hook for your own life. The world needs all of us. 

Grumpy voices, be gone.