Want to be happier? Try this exercise.

How would you complete this sentence: "I am happier when I...."?  

I made a big long list for myself this morning, and just the act of doing it made me happy.  

I am happier when I laugh, when I feel well-rested, when I move my body, when I breathe deeply, when I notice my surroundings, when I spend time outside, when I fulfill my commitments, when I am patient with my imperfections, when I feel like I'm learning, when I think about what matters to me, when I appreciate people, when I feel listened to, when I allow myself to feel what I'm feeling, when I see things from a new perspective, when I do things that scare me, when I remember how much I don't know, ....

What about you? How many different answers can you come up with? Are some of them things you can do something about right now, in this moment?

I like being happy.  And I am grateful to feel like I have some choice in the matter.