What is your intention?

Think about the social gatherings that you enjoy the least.

Why do you go? 

Do you fall into the cynical victim category?

  • Because I have to.
  • Because I'm supposed to.
  • Because if I don't, it will make things worse.
  • Because I like suffering.
  • Because I get to drink a lot.
  • Because I'll have something to talk about the next day.

Or can you come up with a story that is more empowering?

  • Because my presence matters.
  • Because _____ is important to me.
  • Because I'm curious about _____.
  • Because I like spending time with _____.
  • Because I want to practice _____.
  • Because I have something to offer.

All of these reasons are made up, of course; no single answer is the truth. I'm sure you could come up with multiple answers in both categories.

But the stories you tell yourself about these gatherings will shape your experience, so the ones you choose are important.

Here's my challenge for you:

  1. Think about a social gathering you have coming up that you aren't particularly looking forward to.
  2. Allow yourself to name the things you probably won't like about it.
  3. Identify reason(s) for going anyway, that would feel both authentic and good to you.*

*In your inquiry, you might also realize that what feels most authentic and good to you is not to go to this event at all. That is a legitimate answer, too.

Share your reasons for going (or not going!) in the comments below by Wednesday 10/26, and you'll be entered to win a 5-Card Happiness Kit.

Happy inquiring!