Experiences that change us

On Monday I completed the 9-day Avatar course in Florida. For anyone who followed along in our Facebook group, you know it was a bit of a roller-coaster for me, but ultimately very worth it.

Since coming home, the biggest shift my family has noticed is that I've slowed down a lot. I'm noticing more, and allowing myself to experience more of life rather than being so quick to label, evaluate and process everything.

I am more present with my family, and listening a lot better, not just to their words but to their energy and affect. I'm not taking everything they do so personally any more, or second-guessing myself so much as a parent or a person.

It's exactly the kind of change I was hoping for, and it feels great.

You can find the schedule of upcoming Avatar courses here, and I am happy to talk to anyone who is curious about the experience.

I'd also like to hear from you: What are some of the experiences (courses or otherwise) that have had the biggest positive impact on you? What was it that made them so powerful? In what ways is your life different because of them?