Two steps to happiness

Today I just want to share a happiness practice I was playing with this morning. It goes like this:

  1. Notice something you don't like.
  2. Acknowledge what you do like, or would like instead.

That's it.

It sounds so simple, but how often do you get so caught up being disgruntled over things you don't like -- whose fault they are, how to get rid of them, what they mean, what bad things might happen because of them, how thoroughly unpleasant they are -- that you never get to step 2?

  • I have a crack in my heel that really hurts. I would love to have a heel that's pain free.
  • My kids are being mean to each other. It's so great when they look out for each other and have fun together.
  • My house is cold. I really like being warm and cozy.
  • It's late and I haven't even started my blog post yet. I love getting my writing done early, so I can just feel good about it all the rest of the day.

Those are all pretty mundane examples, but the same process can apply to any scenario.

  • My president-elect is saying things that scare me. I want to trust and admire my elected leaders.
  • I heard about yet another tragedy in the news. I would like to feel like the world is a safe place, where innocent people don't suffer.
  • My friend hurt my feelings. I really like feeling loved and cared for. 

Intellectually, I know that life isn't perfect, and that I that can want things and not get them and still be okay. But this practice helped my emotions get on board too, and it made an immediate difference.

Would you do me a favor and try it out a few times, and let me know what happens? I want to know if it makes as much of a difference for you as it did for me. And if not, I want to know why.

Thanks in advance!