The Gift Of Happiness is more than connection cards; it’s an expression of emotions towards others and your life, which can only be understood and lived when the process of giving surpasses the process of receiving. How so? With Anne Lafleur, you can thread the finest fabric of happiness with help of her uniquely powerful and meaningful services.

Here is how, together, we can help create more happiness for you, your loved ones and the people around you:


Coaching and Counselling

Traditionally speaking, counselling sessions could quite easily be considered as forced, cramped and unsuccessful. Anne’s individualistic approach offers single-session counselling, which is designed with no-prior appointments and are scheduled as per requirement.

For people who want help and support in improving a relationship can meet Anne one time, or many times, with no pre-set calendar, or weekly in-advance, overpriced appointments. How can this be helpful for you? This tends to be especially helpful if:

  • You want a healthier and stronger relationship with a spouse, parent, child, neighbor, or colleague, but don’t know how to get it.

  • You know what you probably need to do to improve your relationship, but lack motivation to fix it.

  • You are willing to and would want your relationship to improve, but lack of engagement from the other side make things more complicated.

  • Traditionally mundane counselling or therapy isn’t meant for you, and you could use some relationship advice for a fresh perspective.

Sometimes all that’s needed to start making positive changes is a fresh perspective and some encouragement.


HR Consulting

Envision pioneering leadership with our HR Consulting Services! The Gift Of Happiness is especially instrumental for organizations aiming to build on teamwork, exuberant work environment, valuable customer experience, establishing significant difference in the well-being of their employees and a balanced organization working towards the common objective, success! Furthermore, The Gift Of Happiness is committed to help organizations by:

  • Helping their employees who would want to contribute to human or societal well-being.

  • Helping to build strong relationships with their customers, clients, patients, students and others, who are central to success.

  • Helping to address their ongoing challenges with staff recruitment and retention.

With low-risk changes and empowerment of happiness across all facets of the organization, our HR consulting service is bound to prove crucial in determining success of your organization.


Relationship Marketing

What is relationship marketing? The Gift of Happiness aims at making a memorable positive impact on people, for all big, or small, organizations, or business owners, who want to attract business and build customer loyalty. How so? By implementing support with our Send Out Cards along with conglomeration of specially designed tools for customer appreciation and engagement. With least time and money, you can begin envisioning endless possibilities of positive change with unequivocal decisions!