When team members know, like and trust each other, they are creative, productive, and engaged. They bring out the best in each other and navigate challenges with grace and ease.

By contrast, when people don’t work well together, it lowers their effectiveness and morale, damages customer service, increases turnover and absenteeism, and makes life less pleasant for everyone.

You know this.

But what do you do if your workplace culture isn’t what you want it to be? Or if things are okay but you want to go from “good” to “great?”

There are actually a lot of things you can do that aren’t difficult, time-consuming or expensive. In fact, they’re pretty fun and rewarding! Our Happiness Interventions leverage the power of cards, small gifts, and simple human kindness to transform the workplace culture one relationship at a time.

Expected outcomes for your business:

  • Deeper trust and empathy

  • Improvement in customer service (both internal and external)

  • Better retention of top employees and valued clients

  • Increase in employee happiness, engagement and morale (including your own!)

organizational culture consultations

Culture change does not have to be difficult or expensive! But it does need to be intentionally designed to suit the specific needs and personality of each leader. These consultations help you identify the small but powerful actions that are most likely to create the kind of culture you want.

Teambuilding sessions

These on-site interactive workshops quickly create meaningful connections and a sense of common purpose.

Implementation & follow up support

Regular check-ins help you troubleshoot challenges and stay on track with your culture change strategy.

For more information, contact me to set up a time to talk.