What is Happiness? A three word question when answered would vary from one person to another. As humans, we possess the cosmic power for monumental transformation in lives of others and within the same process rise above our detrimental-self. However, not many embark on the journey of utilizing this valuable power of uplifting others primarily because the modern world has been led to feed off vulnerability of others, rather than compassion, humility and unconditional love. But for one person in particular, the challenges of the modern world were rather answered in a remarkable manner. For Anne Lafleur, the cosmic power to her being lies in happiness of giving, the mantra to her life! The foundation of The Gift Of Happiness steered her to the establishment of simple, yet practical, ways of building positive social connections in families, workplaces, and communities.


With her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Religious Studies from Brown University guiding her solely towards perception, learning and emotion, her pursuit to enhance and understand the physical, psychological and social functions further led her to Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Boston College. Additionally, she has over a decade of experience working in Human Resources at MIT and, has taught courses and workshops in both business and community settings focused exclusively on happiness, emotions, listening, self-accountability, giving and receiving, and much more. Her weekly blog revolves around themes of happiness, connection and navigating the daily ups and downs of life and relationship.


Anne’s attitude to bring positive change day in and day out, truly makes her best at what she does. Serving as a local coordinator for the Greater Boston Personal Growth Network, she’s leading community workshops and events through her Alive & Connected and Free Listening Boston meetup groups. Devoted to empowering others, Anne with her positive mindset has ever been increasingly active in creating more initiatives, leading to more happiness. She has become a smile magnet with her human-centric vision, every conversation she has laid her artistic philosophy of giving and thought provoking ideologies behind the true meaning of being human!


How does Anne describe happiness for herself? To break it down into simple words, here is a text from a conversation she had with a trusted friend few years back: “The happiness I’m talking about is not a fear or denial of suffering, but a refusal to let the pain of our circumstances dictate our sense of worth and well-being. And it is anything but selfish.” Because words of encouragement, empathy and love have the power to reach the darkest corners and shape future for humble beginnings, The Gift Of Happiness at its core is more than just words on a piece of paper. It is a gift of change you have been yearning at your workplace, home, and/or around you. It is a gift which once bought, will only grow into a beautiful story. It is a gift of smile, love and hope! It is The Gift Of Happiness!