There are SO MANY people out doing amazing things in the world.  Here are just a few that I regularly lean on for support and inspiration:

Brian Johnson is a master at finding, reading, and distilling some of the best books on optimal living into 6-page "PhilosophersNotes" and 10-minute video summaries. It's a great way to get essential nuggets of wisdom that you can go out and experiment with right away, without having to read the whole book yourself. And he actually applies the wisdom to his own life, so he's a living role model as well. 

Glennon Doyle Melton writes the Momastery blog (among many other things). If you're short on time, just read her viral posts and you will get the idea. She is a constant reminder that I am enough -- we ALL are -- and that it's our job on this planet to take care of each other (and ourselves!), as scary and difficult as that can sometimes feel.

Tami Simon is founder and CEO of the Sounds True multimedia publishing company. Her Weekly Wisdom emails are excellent.  I especially love "Insights at the Edge": top notch one-on-one interviews with some of the most amazing spiritual teachers of our time.

Nearly everything I know and teach about emotions stems from the work of Karla McLaren. She is an empathic genius, and her website has a ton of amazing (and free!) resources for learning about 17 different emotions and how they all interact with each other.