I currently facilitate public conversations at three different locations in the MetroWest Boston area: Common Street Spiritual Center, Open Spirit Center, and Roots & Wings Yoga and Healing Arts. These gatherings are great opportunities to connect with other growth-minded people who want to make meaningful contributions to the world. If you are in the area, I would love for you to join us! 

All events details can be found in the Alive & Connected Meetup group. From the description:

This is a group for people who are actively engaged with life, and eager to share with and learn from others. 

Our regular gatherings, "Explorations in Life, Love & Happiness," are opportunities to talk about what's alive for you right now: What is bringing you joy? What are you learning and wondering about? Where are you being challenged?  Each conversation is unique and rich, and we like it that way. :)

The people most likely to enjoy this group are hungry for community and connection. They are also:

• Self-reflective, self-compassionate, and oriented toward personal growth and learning
• Willing to be open and honest in a group, even when it feels uncomfortable
• Able to listen to others' experiences and opinions without judging, correcting, defending, or "fixing" 
• Eager to make positive, meaningful contributions to others and the world

If this sounds like you, I hope you will join us! 

I'm also involved with two other Meetup groups:

Free Listening Boston is a group inspired by the Urban Confessional Project. We periodically gather in public places in and around Boston and hold signs offering free listening to passers-by, as an expression of love and a reminder of our common humanity.

The Personal Growth Network is a is a community of people in Greater Boston who are committed to consciously creating more happiness and more success in their lives. I host monthly "Heartbeat Salons" for this group in Natick, inviting different speakers and facilitators from around the region.

Finally, you can connect with The Gift of Happiness online! Receive updates and announcements on the Facebook fan page, or participate in discussions in our Facebook group.